2nd November 2018: Green Man Folk Club, Holybourne Theatre

1st September 2018: Private Gig, Hampshire

10th June 2018: TBA

Previous gigs:

16th September 2017: West Meon Music Festival, The Thomas Lord

27th August 2017: Wigwam Stage, CarFest South, Laverstoke Farm

26th August 2017: The Big Feastival, Oxfordshire

16th July 2017: Albury Music Festival, Surrey

7th July 2017: Blissfields Festival, Woodmancott

5th July 2017: Private Gig, Kent

16th June 2017: One Heart Festival, Eastleigh

11th June 2017: Hampshire Garden Festival, Whitchurch

You are an amazing band, and we could have listened to you all day. Thanks so much to everyone for sharing your inspirational music, and for creating such a wonderful atmosphere at the [Hampshire Garden Festival]. Sarah-Jane Shirrell, Hampshire Garden Festival

10th June 2017: Private Gig, Dorking

25th May 2017: Catering in Scotland Awards, Glasgow

Head North played at the CIS Excellence Awards 2017 at the Hilton Glasgow recently. With high energy reels and jigs and a refreshing approach to performance, they brought huge energy and vitality to our very high profile awards event. To be recommended to anyone looking for performance with broad appeal and dynamic delivery. Simply, great stuff! Alex Buchanan, Managing Director

22nd April 2017: Private Gig, West Camel

10th – 15th December 2016: Portetta residency, Courchevel 1650, France

11th November 2016: Green Man Folk Club, Holybourne Theatre, Alton

27th August 2016: Private Gig

6th August 2016: Private Gig

28th July 2016: Railway Inn, Winchester

1st July 2016: Blissfields Festival, Woodmancott

12th June 2016: Test Valley Garden & Literary Festival, Bere Mill, Whitchurch

4th June 2016: Rookwood Festival, Medstead

7th May 2016: Private Gig, Crondall

6th February 2016: Hootananny Brixton

28th November 2015: An Evening with Rudyard Kipling, Marlborough

10th September 2015: Private Gig

29th August 2015: Private Gig

16th August 2015: Capel Music Festival

8th August 2015: Hootananny, Inverness

7th August 2015: Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Beauly [Photo Gallery]

30th July 2015: The Railway, Winchester [Photo Gallery]

18th July 2015: Private Gig, Ovington

12th July 2015: Cornbury Music Festival, The Great Tew Park, Oxfordshire [Photo Gallery]

3rd July 2015: Blissfields Festival, Near Winchester [Photo Gallery]

in the Larch were Head North – whose eclectic mix of Scottish reels and acoustic folk got the normally relaxed Larch audience up and dancing. eFestivals.co.uk

I heard the enchanting lyrical sounds of Head North. The vocalist’s voice was stunning as they played a beautiful slow celtic folk song. They picked things up with ‘Galway Girl’ and then sped things up further playing a proper jig, complete with banjo, fiddle & accordian. They were up there with the best bands I saw all weekend. ulxmusic.uk

25th April 2015: St. Mary’s, Eversley

18th April 2015: Private Gig, Crondall

27th March 2015: Green Man Folk Club, Holybourne Theatre, Alton

13th-17th December 2014: Season Opening at Portetta Hotel, Courchevel 1650, France.

1st December 2014: Private Gig, London

13th November 2014: Private Gig, London

7th November 2014: Charity Gig, Old Basing

31st October 2014: Private Gig, Isle of Wight

6th September 2014: Private Gig, Ropley

31st August 2014: Hattingley Valley Winery Charity Open Day, Lower Wield, Alresford

8th August 2014: Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Friday kicked off with the heart-warming resonance of accordions, banjos and fiddles when Head North took to the Bandstand. MTV UK

2nd August 2014: Private Gig, Crondall

3rd July 2014: Blissfields Festival, Near Winchester

12th June 2014: The Sun Inn, Bentworth

1st June 2014: Private Gig, Chichester

31st May 2014: We Can’t Wait For Blissfields, King Charles Pub, Kings Worthy

25th January 2014: Private Gig, Eastleigh

27th December 2013: Reels Night at Medstead Village Hall, Medstead.

14th-18th December 2013: Season Opening at Portetta Hotel, Courchevel 1650, France.

2nd November 2013: Charity Gig at Crondall Village Hall, Crondall.

26th October 2013: Upton Grey Autumn Festival Music Night, Hoddington Arms, Upton Grey.

24th September 2013: Hoddington Arms Music Night, Upton Grey

15th September 2013: Smoked & Uncut at the Lime Wood Hotel, Lyndhurst.

31st August 2013: Open Day at Hattingley Valley Wine Company, Lower Wield, Alresford.

19th, 20th July 2013: Two sets at Larmer Tree Festival on Friday and Saturday.

2nd July 2013: Open Mic Night, Hoddington Arms, Upton Grey

12th April 2013: Charity Gig at Crondall Village Hall [Sold Out]

17th March 2013: St. Patrick’s Night Gig, Hoddington Arms, Upton Grey

19th February 2013: Open Mic Night, Hoddington Arms, Upton Grey

22nd January 2013: Burns’ Night Gig, Hoddington Arms, Upton Grey

28th December 2012: Scottish Reels Night, Medstead Village Hall

18th December 2012: Private Gig, Ropley

13th December 2012: Private Gig, The Sun Inn, Bentworth

26th October 2012: The Sun Inn, Bentworth

9th June 2012: Hattingley Valley Winery open day (photos)